5 Methods through which Social Media Impact SEO

Search engine optimization has prevailed the biggest means of generating traffic to your website. Searching on search engine has averaged 8 billion per day in the year 2015 and over 70 percent of traffic to a website came through search engines. By these data it inspires many marketers/bloggers to make use of search engine optimization tactics to gain visibility in SERP and benefit from search engine traffic. The other way you can achieve the needs by using social networking sites.


How social media does impact SEO?


Link Building


The main reason of social media to influence SEO is that it assists in link building. It gains a visibility when webmaster of particular brand shares on a social networking site and it enables the user to get registered on social sites. Users come across to know the brands in the market and therefore it increases the branding of your product. The organic or natural links are fully effective and google always wants this type of links as it reduces the burden of google to crawl your sites to penalize. More number of backlinks enable you to get more vote of confidence and encouraging your brand widely.


Real traffic to your website-


By sharing your posts on social media it helps to generate those traffic which are real to your website. While link increases the ranking of you website, social media on the contrary draw out more number of traffic and the audience are real who is increasing your site’s traffic which sharing your content within their colleagues and close ones. For instance, the average social networking user has 140 friends and your shared post will helps you to make aware of your brand to 1960 people and if the sharing is maintained, then it increases the awareness more widely.

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The power of social media is so much wide in the sense that it influences by word of mouth and accepted as key influencers by influence of other people as compared to paid advertisement. According to study suggestion given by users in social media is 80 percent trust rate while in paid advertisement it only has 35 percent trust rate.


Optimization of Images-


Social networking sites helps you to modify and optimize the design of images and attracts the user to keenly show some interest in your post. Search engine result pages are immensely revealing images and google knowledge graph is main evidence of it. The insertion of images modified and optimized in your post helps to increase the visibility in SERP as compared to other posts which are not.


Attention of Content in Social Media-


The content is social media is gaining a lot attention as compared to other techniques and user is attracted towards the posts in social media because of number of youths indulged in social networking sites like facebook, Whatsapp etc. The sharing of content in social media is gaining attraction through an increasingly sharing rate indexed faster on search engine. The time of indexation can be cut by 60% while reducing the time taken by googlebot to find content from 3 to 4 hours. Search engine indexing gather, stores data to enable fast and precise data retrieval. When content is indexed at a speed, it means that content is searched quick.


Boosts the visibility in SERP-


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Social networking sites boost the visibility of keywords in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). But it should be kept in mind that you should write appropriate keywords to get ranking even with social media. The Search engine will even reveal those keywords which are bio, description in social media profile of a particular user as you have targeted that exact keyword. With a perceived relevance and higher authority keywords, if your content shared on social media is alike as brand’s website then it gets a higher ranking.

Social Media Optimisation

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