5 Steps For Profit Generation From Blog

The blogger can monetize their website with some of the methods which I am going to discuss with you.


Some methods like affiliate marketing, building email list, applying in Adsense, selling courses online, and others are discussed-


  1. Applying in Google Adsense- The blogger should apply in adsense only if your content is unique, keywords should be appropriate, there should be 20 to 30 posts with articulate theme. It is the easiest but little profitable way to monetize your and blogs. The main thing is about the traffic coming on your website. The more traffic will generate, the more chances of getting requested approved.

The traffic will only generate on your site if you are able to follow appropriate SEO practices to acquire google ranking. But for some of the users, ads in websites are annoying for them. Media and Entertainment Company has no other option except advertisement. Google Adsense is one of the renowned ad networks and one can earn profit with this techniques.



  1. Selling courses online- Selling online courses is best method to monetize your blog. You can establish online courses on the topic which audience needs the requirement. In starting days, make a efficient tactics to expand your targeted audience. You should understand the audience about what they exactly need and then establish a course to solve the problem.

Online course is more demanding to the learning youth and you can charge a premium price for it. For instance, if you realize that in your area, there is a needs of digital marketing course and the youth wants to know online about it. You should make content related to digital marketing topic and create different modules to understand easily to visitors by charging relevant amount of money from them.

  1. Affiliate marketing- It is comparatively easy method to monetize your blog. At your initial working in blog when you do not have your own product to sell, then affiliate marketing is good option. You have option to choose product that you want to promote. Even flipkart and amazon don’t sell their own products on their website but they make appropriate commission to the sale from their websites.

You will get to know that thousands of companies listed under a single network. Some companies pay fixed commissions per sale while other pay percentage. You will find cost per impression offers also. There are many affiliates’ networks in the market that covers wide range of niches and products. Some of the leading affiliate’s network that you could join is Amazon, Impact radius, admitad etc.

  1. E-book selling- Selling of your own books is the best way to monetize your blog. E-book is one of the informational products that can be quickly written. Informational product of promoting it on internet marketing requires time efforts and then keeps selling copies without any production cost. You can create an ebook that is appropriate with the content of your blog.
  2. Providing Consulting services to companies- If you are expert in social media or in content marketing, you can provide a consulting service to company to help them grow faster. You can monetize by taking the hour session of 2 or 3 hours and discussing the problem of the client and providing answers accordingly. You can also charge on monthly basis a fixed sum for great involvement in clearing out client’s questions and helping to resolve their queries. If you any skills and abilities then don’t do it for free!

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