5 ways to take over the customer from your Competitors

The building of customers in your website is generally quite difficult task. Building a product exactly to the expectations of target audience and converting them into leads is same as establishing a new product. There are different ways through which you can target your audience and generate them into leads. But one of the best ways to increase the traffic or generating leads is to target competitor’s customers. If you are standing in a profitable market, then brace yourself for tough competition in your particular field.

Competition among the market makes the customer to influence them at some extent and they have established the market for you. It enables the opportunity to beat the rival’s product by establishing more demanding product in the market. While creating better product than your competitors, make sure to fix appropriate price to influence the audience in buying your product. Decades before, when there was not a popularity of digital marketing, then to grab the competitors customer is quite difficult task as it requires a lot of budget. But after the arrival of digital marketing it gives you an opportunity as well as platform to generate your leads by targeting your competitor’s customers.


Some of the effective and mannered way to take over competitor’s customer-



  1. Facebook interest Targeting– The target of customers of competitors is quite difficult task as facebook doesn’t allowed any user to steal. But then also you can grab with the interest based targeting feature to show different ads to the user who accepts your competitor’s brand. Targeting section in facebook will helps you by typing your competitor’s name or domain name. Nevertheless, the name of competitor will not reveal until it possesses big audience. While writing the name of your rival partner, make sure to compare your entire audience with your competitor to target further. You can measure the interest based audience size and competitor’s facebook page followers to know that you are exactly targeting your competitor’s facebook fans.
  2. Twitter Ads– More than 50% of the twitter audience follows brands and companies. Therefore, you can acquire more followers and establish awareness by promoted tweets, accounts and trends. You can also target people by watching their bio, various accounts they are following and keywords. Twitter offers username based targeting called tailored audience targeting. Some of the tools where you can easily manipulate the competitor’s customers are twitonomy, followerwonk and you can use free google spreadsheet also.
  3. Follow your competitor’s unsatisfied customer– Companies have their separate twitter account for customer feedback service and nearly 40% of the companies are making separate account. It enable you an opportunity to view the customers which are unsatisfied and you can easily convert into your own leads. People are more likely to switch the brands when the service is not up to the expectations. Make the channel related to this subject and set up in such a way that all tweets of your competitors appear on your channel.
  4. Targeting Rival’s customers in Google Adword– The competitors will always follows the strategy to build brand awareness by using ads. Number of people will search on google with the acquired brand name. They are more closely on the conversion platform as they are searching for a particular brand or product name. Google enables to get into the market by running ads for the keyword of competitor’s brand to influence the interest of the customer gradually to your ad. If you will search the keyword of your competitor’s brand ad then it will show your ad result page in SERP. Through this tactic you can catch em all!
  5. Native Gmail Ads– You can send email to audience without acquiring their email id with the help of native gmail ads. It is the easy platform of conversion for b2b and b2c segments. You can target people based on keywords, demographics in gmail ads. The Gmail ads are expansible ads that will display on gmail tab and is a part of google display ad network. These ads are will get shown to the audience with ad sign on the email and user can easily compare that ad with ordinary email. You can create ads with the help of HTML. Add mail.google.com in your display network and your competitor’s domain name and brand name as a keywords.
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