Writing is a unique skill that not everyone have, and if you are blessed with this skill then do not waste this because writing content is a dream work for many people ,like some write newspaper’s content , articles etc. sometimes the efforts from your side remain insufficient and make you feel very low . Usually what makes writers good at their work is the difference of how they research and function.

In today ‘s digital word only writing from your mind is not enough because this type of content lacks uniqueness and information ,you need to combine your exceptional talent with the right way of processing it is what makes your writing remarkably good .

Mostly 5 out of 10 content pieces fail because there is lack of idealization, and this leads to an unsteady depiction of the central idea in content.

You need to refine those qualities in the successful writers who do something different. Let’s step into their shoes and see how to make your content writing different and unique.

Doesn’t matter for what you are writing weather it is a blog , website articles ,web content , or books ,there are some tips that will help you to organize your work for enhanced output.


1 Research — for the search of new content ideas flowing, you need to enter this research zone first. Spend your time for the search of different ideas through research because research shouldn’t directly followed by writing and planning. Try to maintain the notes and keep writing key points about the idea.

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Research helps you to gather the key points of other writers. Now you have already collected that key points and your only work is to mix those searched ideas with your opinions how much uniqueness it would bring you can see at the end.

2 Refine your style — never try to copy others if you want to make your own image ,because everyone is possessed with different styles and willing to write in an exactly similar style is not how you start content writing .

During your work you will come across to different writers who may have unique and different styles, coping the same is not worth giving but you can take inspiration by their styles. Always try to explain who you are through your writing style.

3 Choose one specific topic — content is written for one single topic. Stick to this point that about what you are going to write and stop wondering to different topics because quality work valued more than quantity work. It is OK if you discuss a little about related things but make sure that you don’t mix different ideas in one content piece. It will sometime break the user’s flow of reading.

4 Creativity –you can Google any topic, and definitely will get on the internet so it means the content piece that you are writing is already on the internet so what is the different that you are doing with your content. As you know everyone is a seeker for creative things, a good makeover is only in your hand and it depends upon the unique angle that is necessary to gain a reliable audience. You have to add the key points in a different way so that they would be able to attract the audience.

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5 Make your title first paragraph attracting — Title is what that truly represents your whole content; always ensure that your headline should be interesting. Let’s take an example;

You are randomly scrolling in your instagram profile and found an article that reads blog and money making. Then you come across another article that reads best 14 tips to start blog writing that will help you to make money online.

Both article may contain the same content but 2nd one seems more interesting because mostly user want to read the full content or the first Para its only their decision .

So both should be written with great content your headline as well as your first paragraph.

6 Keep your content simple — you don’t know what type of audience is reading your article; mostly the complex things cannot be understand by your audience so during writing keep in your mind that content should be simple in terms of words. Easily understand by a common man that what you are trying to convey. Don’t stretch the topic, start your content by explaining everything just like you would explain to a layman, you have to specify 2 important things;



Hope these 6 points are informational for your content writing .these are the basic points usually we ignore these point and get our self-busy in other stuffs. Try to keep these things in your mind and you will end up with great content.

Content is an important part of online promotion. If your content is not good then your promotional strategies will not work. For more help you can also go through a Digital Marketing Course.

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