A Guide for Best Keyword Research

Introduction To Keyword Research

Keywords are the words from which there is maximum probability to get there post is searched by the visitors. Keywords are the most important part of the search engine optimization . It is the soul of the website to be searched. It is the crucial concept which must be known by the digital marketer.

They have to input the best keywords so that it is get searched by the target customers. Without keywords the whole concept is failed. It is the main part of the on-page SEO. Searching the best keywords lead to generate maximum traffic on the website. If you don’t input the best keywords then Google will not display the website to the actual customers. By this, Google will get to know about the website and will display the website according to the keywords are entered. So, keyword research is mandatory.

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A digital marketer spends lots of time to determine the best and suitable keywords for the website. From these keywords, your website will be known by the Google and decide whether to show the website on the result page and on which ranking. Keywords are important factor to decide the ranking on the result page.

Here, you will get to know about the knowledge of the keywords and what is the impact of keywords on the search engine.

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Take the help of keyword planner

There are so many tools available which you can use to analyze the best keyword. One of the tools is Google Keyword Planner. It is the Google launched tool which will show the keyword and the competition prevailing over the specific keyword. It will give the knowledge of the keywords which you can use in ranking your website on the Google. It is Google authorized tool so the relevancy of the result is on higher side. There is certain analysis required to opt the keyword which is relevant for website to make it visible.

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It is always preferred to use the low competitive keyword because Google will display your website on the top and you will get maximum leads. It will lead to expansion of business by expanding the customer base. You can take the help of other paid tools which will give the information of keywords and more benefit. Some of the tools are SEMrush, long tail proof, keyword in etc.

Make the list of the words related to website

Some people depend on the keyword planner to find the best keyword. You can take this as a help but fully rely on those tool is not the good idea. Keywords are just the intentions of the visitors that from which words they will try to find the post.

You can enlist the topics from which your post be searched by the people. You have to try to match with the intent of the visitors and pick the best one. If you use the best keywords then there is maximum possibility that your website is picked by the Google. This will lead to get the maximum clicks. You can take the help of the latent semantics indexing (LSI) keywords. it shows the possible searches made by the searchers.

Prefer long tail keyword

Long tail keywords are one of the preferred keywords. It has the highest possibility of showing your website on specific keyword. For example- your website is related selling jeans. Besides writing ‘jeans’ as keyword. You should write something like this ‘blue colour men’s jeans’ or ‘plus size men’s jeans. It should be specific and descriptive enough so that customer will be directed to your website.

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Analyze the competitor’s keywords

It is always preferred by companies to keep check on the competitor’s analysis. This will give them detail on which keyword, they are leading. It will help them to drive the decision in the favor of the organization. You can take the help of tool which is SEMrush which will give the full list of the keywords. You have to enter the name of the website and it will tell you the keyword on which they are competing.

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