An Introduction to Google AdWord

What is Google Adword?


It is an online advertising platform developed by Google in October 23, 2000 where online marketer pays to show the advertisement, video content, listing of product, providing services in the Google ad network. It is the combination of cookies and keywords which are decided by online marketer. When the user browses the net and clicks on the published advertisement page, the gains of per click is earned by online marketer or advertiser. Google displays the advertisement on those web pages where it might think that it is relevant. Therefore each folks want to be a specialist in Google adword. The Google has offered an free portal to earn couple of money to the potential advertiser.



Google PPC


Google provides the services to its advertiser with the help of Pay Per Click (PPC) pricing technique. It is quiet easy task to generate traffic on your website and earn some money with your Adword campaign. In the campaign, the advertiser has to set maximum expenses each day to spend and therefore controls the daily expense limit. The advanced bidding technique may be enforced to reach pre-published Cost per Acquisition (CPA). The amount the advertiser has spent per day will resolute the how frequently your ads will display on screen when the user hits the search button. The Google will display the first result in Google sponsor if advertiser has set their maximum daily budget and bidding higher on specific keywords.


Earning in Google Adwords


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The advertiser should focus on how much he can spend daily and set a budget accordingly. It gives you a sense of understanding to bid on specific keywords with the amount of money in Adword campaign. If you want to remain in profits then conversion rate is required as you can assess the rate by dividing the visitors with sales monthly and then multiply by 100.

For instance if you are getting 30000 unique visitors and selling 1000 products with a profit of Rs4500. Then your rate of conversion will be (1000/30000)*100=3.33% which means that 3.3 will purchase your product with every 100 visitors. The profit for 100 visitors can also be assessed by multiplying the visitors by percentage i.e Rs4500*3.3=Rs14850.


  Attributes and Amenities in Google Adwords-


Adword Campaign The advertiser can run the Adword campaign as many as he can at the same time and at the same time the advertiser can check different ads to foresee which ad can yield more better. Sometimes the advertiser will often lose the money they have spent than they actually got.

For example if I want to run the campaign on the topic ‘Digital marketing scope in India’ and in the description I have written ‘Digital marketing courses are yielding profits’. On the basis of the above title I would target the keywords like Digital marketing, Digital marketing courses, digital marketing in India, digital marketing modules, digital marketing importance, digital marketing earning scheme and many more. Likewise my second campaign would be of different description by stating ‘digital marketing is really important’. With both of the campaigns I can judge which of the campaign ads is working great and which isn’t.

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Google Partners- It is an Google adwords certification Program in which the user need to crack the Adword fundamental exam and many more like video advertising, search advertising , display advertising, mobile advertising. In April 2000 the Google partners substituted Google advertising professionals with revised basis for entrance and amendments to the exam needs. This program is allowing certification to various users to grow the number of Adwords customer.

Remarketing It is a characteristic of Adwords that enables advertiser to display advertisement to consumers have formerly visited the site. It enables the advertiser to establish different targeting of visitors based on the attitude of visitors in means to show appropriate ads to the selected visitors.

There is also known as dynamic remarketing which means the advertiser can display the previous products and services they have been displayed to modify the ad more effectively.

This type of remarketing is generally significant for the e-commerce business that encourages to promote wider range of products and required to have the messages which are appropriate to users. Some of the users are annoyed of the features of remarketing as they might felt that they are chased over the internet.

Google Ad Word

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