Best Tools By Google To Enhance Content Marketing Techniques

An effective content marketing technique includes 2 aspects – regular, high quality content and its marketing on the net as well as social media platforms. Although the content requires to be both frequent and good quality, it’s as crucial to market the content well. It’s important that people must understand the content as well as share it on social networking sites. If the content is fantastic then it may even go widespread, therefore providing in a storm of traffic to the site. Although, for all this to occur, you require to put your content marketing technique in place.

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Below are three effective tools by Google that can assist you with it:

Google Keyword Planner

This is a good tool for writers who require assistance in creating the content from scratch after they understand the topic they’re going to write on. Google Keyword Planner assists the writer in exploring on a specific topic and choosing out keywords linked to that. For instance, if you need to explore on social media influence, then the Keyword Planner will show a long list of keywords associated to it, such as social media advertisements, advertised and infographics, sponsored posts, content marketing, and so on.

With the beginning of Google Hummingbird, you require to concentrate more on long tailed searches. Try to match those key words that have been presented to form sentences to utilize in the title or body of the content to form a meaning and grammatical sentence. For instance, if you determine to utilize the keyword ‘sponsored post’ then utilize the keyword ‘what is a sponsored post’ or ‘how can I profit from sponsored posts’.

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Google Trends

Google Trends is a helpful tool that shows the present hot topics on the net. From famous people to cultural activities, it shows you all that is gripping the internet globe. You can write upon them to enhance the number of people who understand your content. It’s an awesome tool to prevent writing content that is out-of-tune with live readers and current activities, and also writing content that is previously out there a lot of or is completely outdated. To utilize it, you can browse for a specific topic or a keyword, or simply a category that you need to write regarding. You require to choose the area, time frame as well as a category from drop-down menus. A graph denoting the attention trend is then presented, along with a list of search terms.

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Google Webmasters Tool

It’s an easy and direct method to map out the content technique by examining which keywords pulls optimum traffic to your site thus gaining it the most. You can discover which content your viewer relates to the most and create more of them.

Utilizing these three Google tools will assist you create better content and marketing approach in order to push more traffic to your site.

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