Clear Indicators for Website Redesigning

Maintaining a website that is earning you good profit is as hard as it is to build one. Most of the webmasters commits one common mistake of not maintaining and keeping their website updated. This hampers their website’s SEO and moreover would make it less user friendly.



With the development in the technology, it is important for the webmasters to keep updating the website for better user interface and to adapt with the shift in the technology with time. Moreover your website designs adds to the online reputation of your company so if the website is out-dated, then it might adversely affect your Business and your customer base. So the dilemma is when is the correct time for you to update your website design and recheck your user interface.

Here are a few common indicators of Website Redesigning:

Constant fall in the number of daily visitors

If you are experiencing constant fall in the visitors despite all of your SEO tactics and keyword ranking than it might be an indication that you need to rebuild your website design. If the fall is temporary or due to some update, then it might be rectified by a little work but if it is constant for say 4 months than you might redesign your website.

Non-Responsive Website

Google recently brought in a mobile update which gave more preference to the Responsive websites. Mobile phones have got a huge popularity in the recent times and therefore it is important to make your web designs responsive in order to cover a large user base and improve ranking on Google search engines.

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Increase In Load Speed And Bounce Rate

One thing that you need to understand is that your website is a virtual door for your customers to reach out to your company. If you are taking too long to open that door, then they might knock someone else’s.

If your website is taking long enough to load, such that it makes your visitors leave your website. Then it is a clear indication that something is wrong with the website and if you take long enough to figure out the problem, it might affect your traffic and website ranking.

These are some of the common indicators that your website needs a makeover in order to sustain in this highly competitive market. If you keep your website updated and have a great user interface, than it might help you in better ranking and generating more leads.

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This article is composed by Neha Aggarwal, digital marketer. Presently she is writing articles on Top Ten Institute. She is known for writing interesting blogs on digital marketing.

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