Deep Learning and Marketing

What is Deep Learning?


Artificial Intelligence is making great deal of progress in recent years and is quickly adding up in our life and influencing it. One of the techniques known as Deep Learning, which allows computers to understand and respond to desired sentences, objects etc. Deep learning is hugely interacting in our lives in the form of Voice recognition and various other features as well. The main players in this field are Apple’s siri, Microsoft’s cortana and Alexa from Amazon. The usage of this Voice recognition has tripled folded in last few years and is deeply impacting our lives.



Deep learning has proved to be helpful in many sectors as now operating with computers have become easier than ever before. In medical sectors, it is predicted that deep learning can help computers to read the MRI, Citi scan, X-ray reports more easily than ever before. And the diagnosis of dangerous diseases like cancer has become very easy now.

Moreover Deep learning’s impact can easily be seen in the field of robotics, self-driving cars etc. Deep learning has helped and is going to change the way we live. Deep learning uses a large variety of technology and rules in order the computers to solve a problem and enable super natural thinking. Deep learning promises the AI that can work more efficiently with humans but in accordance to them. While many fear that the AI could be the biggest threat to the mankind while others cannot stop to count the difference it has bought.

Deep learning provides a great opportunity to the marketers as along with the intelligence of the computers and their marketing skills, there work has become easier and now they can easily market their products and sales with the help of it. Over all until now Deep learning has been proved helpful for digital world as well.

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