Enhancing Your Website With Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is one of the most successful and prominent Google tools ever. One thing that very must wonder is if they can ever check how many visitors are visiting there website or what device they use or maybe where they are from. The answer to all these questions is Google Analytics.

Adding Google Analytics is the best option for your website and is quite very simple. All you have to do is register in Ad sense and add a code in your website. And you can have the access to all the information regarding your visitors. Google Analytics is the report of all the work that you have done on your website. And it is undoubtedly the best report one can have access to that too for free.



For using Google Analytics fully, one has to understand the importance and procedure of collecting data and analysing it for one’s own use. Using Google Analytics one can easily target the selected audience and devices or demographics with this invaluable information.


Here is the list of all the stats that can be known by using Google Analytics.


  • Viewers
  • Browsers used
  • Demographics
  • Page visited most
  • Bounce rate and a lot of other data as well

One more important thing is that you need to learn how to analyse this data. For e.g. you are getting 10,000 hits on your website but not many people are buying your product. You need to understand that a single user can provide 20-40 hits per day and more over unique visitors is what counts the most. Using Ad Words and Google Analytics one can easily target the desired audience and run a successful campaign.

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Moreover Google Analytics can also help in Keyword selection as it provides the information about the keywords used by the visitor to come to your website. Using these keywords and the ones derived from the Keyword research one can easily target the desired audience.

These are a few ways in which Google analytics is helpful for your Joomla website.


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