Google is Rolling out its new ‘Android Message’ for Web

The new feature of Google will enable you to text from the web by android message featured on google. The new update has also announced four more new features in the messages app. After so many rumors about this update, Google has officially launched out ‘Android Messages’. From this update, an android user will able to send and receive SMS and RCS messages from PC. Google is also taking on apple’s iMessages after the support of web for android messages.

As per Google’s latest blog, the messages will contain stickers, emojis, and images in its latest web version update. An android message is android’s official app for chatting in the form of RCS and sending text (SMS and MMS). On Monday, Google announced Android messages for the web as a new feature. It is the first step of Google towards chat (Rich Communication Service). It makes the competition among Facebook and WhatsApp messenger, as they are also chatting apps with web support.



The new feature will be supported only when a user has installed the latest update of the android messages app. To connect the android message app with a web, go to the android message site in a web where you have to scan QR code using Android messages mobile app. Therefore, to scan QR code go to the messages app on your mobile and tap three-dotted menu on the top-right corner of your mobile. After that select message for the web. Nevertheless, this choice of the messaging app is not to live and it will become fully functional when it happens to be so.


Google has also rolled out its four new features in the messages app. The google has also supported GIF support so that you can send GIF messages in the messages app. Google has also made it easier to copy and paste passwords and verification codes that are sent through texts and also contains smart reply feature as it will recommend you different text and emojis response to incoming texts. Google also mentioned that your conversation threads, contact, and other settings will be encrypted on your browser and also mentioned that if you will not use messages account for 14 days or more, you will involuntary be signed out.

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