Google’s New Personalized Ad Settings

Google has rolled new ad setting in recent update to control the customized ads. It has also enlarged ‘why this ad?’ feature to all the services of google and its partner websites. Google has also offered their users to turn off any factor that they do not want to be used to customized ads.

The ad settings were launched by google in 2009 to provide a list of ad manipulation. Former model didn’t provide many elements than latter to serve the targeted ads. Now the privacy element is becoming essential across the world that company has upgraded more elements in latest update to decide how ads are customized to the user. Based on the particular ad you will see, it will show you the list of different topics like fitness, finance, tours and travels among others.



Google is using various elements to serve you targeted ads. These are such as estimation of your interest based events, the certain information you add to your Google account while you’re signed in as well as your behavioral information. These elements can also be deactivated by going in private setting in your ad setting account.

By turning off ‘ad personalization’ option, you will not able to see relevant ads, user will also not able to turn off ads form particular advertisers. Google will still show you general elements ads about what you’re looking at, and any other element that is still turned on in the ad setting. The tailored ads cannot  be received to the user by turning off the factor on website and apps that partner with us to show ads.

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Google has expanded ‘why this ad?’ feature based on your interest based activities while you’re signed in and the particular video you’re watching. This updated ad setting will now available on YouTube, Google play, maps, Gmail and most of Google’s partner websites and ads that shows Google ads. This feature was newly launched in 2011 to mainly provide a deep understanding into why various ads are showing up on screen. It provides more control over your Google ad experience and you can browse internet with a sense of confidence knowing that you have control to make Google work better for you.


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