How To Boost Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

7 steps to design Email Marketing Campaign


When you’ve started your business and want to land your first contact then creating email marketing campaign is best option. Most of the users are not aware of the law that does not permit businesses to send spamming or unsolicited emails. You could be charged for offense that you have made by sending spamming and uninvited email.

Email marketing campaign is not expensive. The ability to monitor open, clicks and other interface with your email marketing campaign gives you power as you can guide your content, modify message in desired direction. Through this campaign you can generate more visitors into leads. Email marketing without any risk of violation of law is essential part. You have to generate ‘whitelist’ which means authenticated contacts which helps to earn profit by converting generation into leads. It can be generated by following the steps-



  1. Content should be Precise and Concise The email which you will send to your audience should be accurate and brief as majority of audience are reluctant to read the entire message. It should contain those matters which clearly defines what message is telling you briefly. CTA states the action you want the reader to make as it refers to the word or phrase which can be converted into sales script. Remove unnecessary words and technical phrase to avoid confusion and may deviate the user from your actual message.
  2. Make attractive design– The email can be created by adding attractive design like embedding pictures or changing the font style and writing the text in other style like cursive style to attract visitors. But pictures are generally not supported in many of the recipient as device does not support graphics on their email browsers.
  3. Review and testing While making campaign user has to render well in all email browsers therefore you have to keep in mind to cross check and test all the buttons and links which you have added in your message. Make sure your message leads to the right place which you have targeted. Review all the aspect of campaign which you have filled in the campaign. To test whether email is up to the expectations, you can send to your friends or colleagues to analyze your message inside it.
  4. Phrases and words should be from Errors While writing message, the grammatical errors and mistakes should be checked and corrected. If you have any doubt on your message, then send to your friends to make the confirmation or to assess your mistakes. Errors can also be viewed with free tools on internet to check the grammar ( is best to view your errors).
  5. Make Effective Landing Page– Design effective and powerful landing page with a clear CTA (Call to Action). It should be more effective and stronger than your message of the email. The success of your campaign is decided on the effectiveness of landing page. Therefore, keep in mind to follow this step in most significant way.
  6. Mobile Friendly Your e-mail campaign and landing pages should be compatible on user’s mobile phone as many of the users are operating mobile device because of his portability. The success of email marketing campaign can be achieved by making compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  7. Share Button Share button is essential in your email marketing campaign to publicize the content by spreading your content by readers. Adding share button enables to publicize as well as to give exposure to your brand which may become an opportunity to increase your sale or profit in whatever business you are indulged in.
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