Introduction To Content Marketing

What is content marketing?


It is a process of marketing which is generally emphasized on creating and distributing the content to targeted audience through internet. It is mostly used by business community to increase the brand awareness, expansion of customer base, increase online sales. It created sustainable loyalty of brand, offers valuable information to potential customers and establish curiosity to purchase the product from the company in future. Content marketing takes the importance in digital marketing measured to all modules. Creating the good content and marketing it in the right way is an effective approach in this marketing.



Content marketing is the old method that is prevailing in the market. Storytelling has been traditionally used to communicate insights and is also one of the oldest forms of communication. It establishes trust with the customers and makes them believe that the particular style of content writing is helping and meeting with their requirement. But if the quality of content is below the standard level, even if the wider quantities will not be fruitful to the visitors because the content lacks the attraction power to seek the visitors.


There are different types of content which states to you that how unalike content is different from another.


Case studies and data It is difficult to make but is the most rewarding content type. The data based content like surveys, polls, and examination of data is less made content as it requires more time and efforts. As the result publicize will be recited by people in the market long after the content is publicized. It is most rewarding content to make but at same time it requires skills and abilities to produce.

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Curated Content If you need to publish post quickly and there is scarcity of the content calendar, this type of content type is most significant. This type of content can be created by choosing topic, find out the list of content published on that topic, gather all them and write summary about each topic and then you can publish the post. It also creates backlinks from the sources listed in the articles if visitor likes your article.

Expert Round-up and Interviews– Interviewing various experts in niche website helps to get content that is different from your usual point of view. Interview is when one folk gives answer to the multiple question and expert round-ups emphasizes on single question answered by multiple people. It reaches to the audience of expert which are featured in article by publishing these content as most of the time experts inform their audience about the specific content they features in. Backlinks are also generated by this type of content.

Long-form content– This type of content has not exact definitions as some of them consider articles with more than 800 words to be long-form while other’s perception is to be more than 1800 words to be long-form content. But long-form articles contain around 1300 words. Many readers want to read interesting articles and publishers are publishing the articles. It contains different chapter which covers all the information on a subject and user’s don’t have to go anywhere else.

E-books– The lead can be generated from this type of content but it requires persistent time and effort to write them as e-books seems to be a little difficult task. But once done, it can even create leads forever. E-books may contain four pages or fifty pages, but it must yield value. You can outsource the content to freelance writer who has experience with writing them.

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Content Marketing

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