New Video Upload Feature On Google My Buisness

Google My Business introduce of its video upload function and now it’s presented for business holders in its dashboard.

Additionally to publishing videos, sellers will have the capability to flag improper videos thru their dashboard. Native mobile help and notices for new client videos are coming soon.

How it operates:

Videos will seem in the overview tab of the Google My Business Dashboard

Client published videos can be discover in the ‘client’ tab

Merchant published videos can be discover in the ‘by owner’ tab

All videos can be seen along in the ‘videos’ tab

After upload it might take around 24 hours for the videos to look. Once live, they will show where local photos do.



After that Drag and drop the video to the box.




The video starts uploading.


Once the video is uploaded, normally it takes a while for any video to process and appear in your view.

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