Search Engine Optimization : Creating Backlinks

One of the most important aspects of Search engine optimization is creating worthy Backlinks. Backlinks are the online presence of the website that directs search crawlers towards them and increase the rankings. But one thing that people fail to understand is that it is the quality links that matters. There are various ways of getting Backlinks and the most prominent method is by SEO. Here are a few ways in which one can easily build Backlinks using SEO.



All the three major search engine platforms Google, Yahoo, and Bing give equal and similar importance to Backlinks and some of the most significant methods to drive Backlinks are Guest posting, comment writing, article submission etc. These are all considered SEO methods to organically build links and increase ranking.

Blog commenting was a very prominent way to get Backlinks in the earlier days. But now a days due to increase in spamming and popularity, now a days website owners apply for no follow attribute in order to guide the crawlers to not give much importance to these links.

This is why this method is less popular but yet, it gives significant presence and Search engines provide some value to these links.


Article writing


Article marketing appears to have outperformed blog commenting on account of the control it gives a blogger over his or her Backlinks. The most number of the article directories grasp the dofollow link, which is their method for fundamentally paying you for your content.

Your articles profits them in light of the AdSense advertisements customized to the subject of the content; so it is just appropriate that they benefit you to some extent.

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Other article directories apply the nofollow tag as a reaction against inadequately created content and SPAM.


Guest Blogging


The last strategy for getting backlinks that shouldn’t cost you something besides time is Guest blogging.
Thus is a completely different process as compared to Article submission.

Utilize Google’s web crawler to find online journals and sites like your own particular in niche, if not in content, and approach them for the chance to Guest blog.

Obviously, you should first acquaint yourself with their site and take in the writing style and general themes they prefer. Along these lines, Guest blogging resembles an advanced type of article submission, since it requires more research and better execution.


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