Subtle Strategies For Reducing Bounce Rate

If you want to be a successful webmaster then you should think about Bounce rate of your site, if your site does not have good bounce rate then you will not get success in your digital marketing campaign.



What is Bounce Rate?


Initially I would like to explain you what bounce rate is actually, In Google analytics, bounce rate is the analysis and quantitative measurement in percentage of the traffic that stay on your website. If your website or blog visitor shut down your website within a minute or before visiting any other webpage of your website then it is not good for your website. It will worst your SEO campaign.

• Speed of your website: what is your website speed? If any visitor click on your website link then they will wish to load up quickly, if it will take time then it will show a bad effect of your website. If your website speed is not good then most of the guys will close your website, that’s you need to work on your website speed, I will recommend you to check your website hosting if your web hosting is poor then nobody improve your website speed, I will recommend you to start hosting with companies like Blue Host and Go daddy. I used these both company and I am fully satisfied.

• If you have changed your hosting company but your website speed has been not improved then you will work on your website layout. Suppose your website is based on HTML, CSS and java script then it should be keep in different files, If you will not keep in different file then it will take a long time to open your web page.

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• Remove Heavy Ads from your website: the third one techniques to optimize your website bounce rate is to work on advertisements, if your website has lots of side advertisement then it will also take the time to load up that’s you should also mind about advertisement, you should not use bad advertisement network, you should use Google Ad sense that is one of the reliable ad network and its advertisement will not increase your website bounce rate.

These are the few ways that will help you to reduce your website bounce rate, if you will work on these steps then your website will improve definitely.

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