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PHP is most common scripting languages by the website developers across the globe. It gives efficiency and flexibility to the developers and this language is somewhat same as C programming language. The syntax of the C language is same as PHP’s syntax. There are various reputed websites and most of them are duly developed by PHP techniques. It is an open source software programming language which gives wide reach for the developer to execute their development of web through this type of scripted language. Some of the key points are briefly discussed –



  1. Filter the data before putting into the database- It is significant to filter the data before putting into the database to avoid errors and faults. The sole responsibility of developer arrives to make the use of this platform to make error-free product. It offers a great platform and solution for PHP developers to establish a desired application without any single error in execution.
  2. Error reporting features to be on It is keenly focused to keep your reporting and display error feature while using PHP for development of web application. As it enables to rectify the errors witnessed effectively. This also helps to recognize the error source, instead of monitoring each and every thing after completion of project. The most important thing which matters in PHP is the quality of product and therefore it must be maintained in duly action.
  3. Usability of its Key function Before starting the execution of project, it is essential to go through the manual of PHP to monitor the function or web app you are going to develop exist. This language is used so widely in range that there are maximum chances of particular function or app exists. So it should be keep in mind to check the manuals before starting the execution of PHP project.
  4. Avoidance of over-commenting on codes It is always necessary to maintain documentation in well manner for your codes. Commenting on different codes is also a good idea. But the practice of over-commenting is quiet irrelevant. Therefore, remarks on difficult codes for future reference.
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