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The VA Guidance on Natural Disasters offers information for veteran debtors and what to do if your home was affected by a natural disaster. Certainly, this was a time when the Park Home Residents of our nation stood firmly together, supplied statistics that were needed to vary occasions – and an period that can without end be recognized in park home history as the time when the balance of energy started to correct itself to the fairer stage that it ought to all the time have been and the day when the power of the residents toppled the unscrupulous website homeowners who will never once more be legally in a position to block the sale of properties.

Those letters have made our marketing campaign so worthwhile and in fact the house that was sale blocked for some seven years – and was the very home that led to the start of the Justice Campaign – has now been bought and the retired couple are actually dwelling in peace after all of the stress and hardship they have been compelled to endure by an unscrupulous park proprietor.

Because of you and hundreds of park house residents just like you, there are lots of avenues that are now open to us and we aren’t the underdogs anymore, together now we have achieved a lot and now is the time to use it. This is our lives, our homes and collectively I hope you will agree that we will make the actions of the UPO a thing of the previous that mustn’t ever be repeated.

A penny an hour for leaving a lightweight on may not sound much but if that mild were to be left on for twenty-four hours it becomes 24p a day which over a month could be 7.20 and over a 12 months 87.60. And that is only for one light bulb, when you’re within the behavior of leaving lights and other gear on all over the home needlessly then the associated fee could so simply far exceed 20% of what it might be if you happen to simply turn issues off when not required.

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