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Internet is the technology advancement which serves numerous advantages to every field of people. But apart from this, some disadvantages is also associated with it. In this digital world, everything is getting digitalized in response of it some wrong intention people misuse this technology. This technology incorporates transparency in the structure that it is easy for everyone to see what is going on. But some people have totally distorted the structure through hacking. There are two types of hacking. One is ethical hacking and second one is unethical hacking.


Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is to safeguard the information by detecting the loopholes in the system which has the chances of leaking the data. So, those organization who thinks that there data are crucial and chances of being hacked they would like to appoint the most talented ethical hacker who have knowledge of the computer network and know various  techniques to stop penetrating of the system by the outsider.


Job of Ethical Hacker

The role of the ethical hacker is to penetrate the computer system of the organization to know the defect in the computer and cyber system where the wrong intention person can snatch the precious information from the company. So, ethical hackers apply various techniques and find out the area where an outsider can hack the information. If the information gets hacked then the loss which occurs cannot be measure in terms of money.

The operation done by ethical and unethical hacker are same but the only thing differs is the intention. Ethical hacking is done to safeguard the interest of the organization and unethical hacking done is to hack someone else information without their consent.


International standards

There are set standard which the companies have to follow and the right to penetrate the system such as payment card industry. They have the best team of ethical hacking which works for safeguarding the interest of the cardholders. Many other companies have also set of team of ethical hackers such as IBM so that they see the potential threat which wants to steal the information of the company. Every big organization can’t work without the professional team of ethical hacking because their information has higher chances getting hack.

Writer of this article is Mr. Mayank Jain content writer from past 2 years and currently he is working for Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Training In Delhi.


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