UX- A Key driving Factor for SEO

Unlike previously when the content on the website was the sole decider of the ranking nowadays Google plays much more attention on the user experience on the website. Factors such as page load time, navigation path, visuals play a huge role in the ranking of a website.



There are various factors such as time spent; bounce rate etc. tells a lot about the User’s experience on your website that determines User experience. A Good User experience ensures high ranking on the search engines and more attention from the crawlers. Hence it is important to consider the UX as a key factor while conducting the SEO of your website. A proper balance between both of them is necessary for successful ranking of your website.

User experience is the determination of the user friendliness of your website depending on the factors like accessibility, utility, usability, and various other factors. Such as if your page loads quickly than it is considered good for User experience.

Both SEO and UX are supposed to be considered and need to work hand in hand in order to drive best results for the website. SEO utilizes various techniques in order to drive up the traffic and ranking of the website. It can increase the visibility of the website whereas to retain those visitors and make them regular visitors is carried out by UX. So both these factors ensure overall success of the Business.

By aligning both the factors one can build a website that is both usable and searchable. Both these factors help in improving each other as good UX will retain the visitors and increase the traffic and SEO will increase ranking and in return the traffic. The data from this traffic can be used to derive the lags in the UX and work on them. Creating a loop where both are interdependent and benefits the website most.

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The SEO team should always keep up wuth the UX trends and try to provide the best experience to the visitors.



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