Various Types Of Reseller Hosting

The online marketer has seen various hosting plans but among them is the reseller hosting that has been renowned among people. It is a simple as well as difficult aspect.  The reseller is just a web hosting is a wholesaler customer of a web hosting provider like hostgator who sells web space or disc space to the customers. There are different kinds of reseller hosting plans.

Picking the web host provider can be a difficult task. With many companies competing for your business, it becomes easy to with features, prices, bandwidth and disc space. Web hosting is a service that retrieves your data of the website and passes it to the one who clicks on your website. The powerful servers are located in secured data centers; the good hosting provider stays secure from external attack both in virtual and physical sense. There are different types of web hosting to choose from like shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting. These are discussed in detail-



  1. Shared web Hosting– It means a web hosting service where most of the website occupies on one web server connected to the internet. It is generally cheap choice for hosting. System administration is included in the services as it is shared by many users. The users who need large development of software in shared hosting shall become inappropriate for those users. Applications which are meant to be on standard web server works great with a shared web hosting service. Shared hosting provides basic web statistics support, web mail services, auto script installation etc.
  2. 2. Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting– Your site’s data is stored on a physical server in this type of web hosting. This type of server is virtualized server.VPS hosting is various types of web hosting accounts you can pick from to host your site online. Setting up the server is a difficult task and requires lot of money. Since multiple consumers are using the physical server, the hosting amount is less expensive and therefore remains low. Your site will also get secured from malware and threats and you have access to your virtual space. The speed and dependency of the website will remain unbroken as no other drawn from your allocated amount of resources.
  3. Cloud Hosting– It basically means that your site takes the virtual resources of many servers to settle all the aspects of hosting your site. The security issue has been taken care of and hardware resources are accessible virtually. It is virtual server in a sense that runs in cloud computing environment. It is hosted and provided through a cloud computing environment and can be accessed in a wider range. With cloud hosting number of servers work together to make your site’s data and supply site’s content to your visitor.
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     4. Dedicated hosting-  It is a dedicated server in which client gives on rent the server which is not shared by any other. Service administration is also included and is offered by the hosting company if user wants the service. It is the reciprocal of shared hosting. The entire server is rented for your website data and has the rights to all of the resources available. This type of hosting plan is beneficial for those who had generated high traffic in his website which needs many resource to host all the information on your site.


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