Ways Of Improving AdSense CPC

If you’re a Blogger plus AdSense is your leading source of income, you simply can’t pay for to disregard the significance of AdSense optimization. Whenever we communicate regarding AdSense optimization, you’ll find lots of things, but the primary goal is to obtain high eCPM and obtain more CPC. More, in spite of effective AdSense CTR, you may not be creating great money. This is something common regarding the non-English blog. When you fall in the category of those Google adsense publishers, who’re getting big traffic but AdSense earning is still minimal, it is time to realize points which are discussed under, and this will definitely assist to enhance AdSense CPC as well as overall income.

Know what is AdSense CPC:

CPC (Cost per click), in brief money which you make by clicking is what CPC.

Aspects that Influence AdSense Cost per click:


Firstly, selecting a best niche for your blog/site is of extreme crucial. CPC of an advertisement straight based upon the subject on which you are writing your blog.Perfectly! Let me explain one thing here that you are going to select niche although you’ll find niches that can pay you high CPC. ABSOLUTELY! Below is the list of niches that can provide you high return, I have organized them in reducing order of CPC.


Keep in mind you must constantly directly take part with your audience. Your content should be customized based on to your subject so that a lot more audience can study your blogs. Therefore quality content will definitely make sure larger AdSense CPC rates. Furthermore, Quality content is what search engine likes, therefore more click and more income if your advertisement is extremely focused and your visitors is from the countries such as U.S.A, U.K. Once you do a Keyword research, ensure to utilize Approximate CPC column.

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Allow block ads

In Google AdSense you’ll discover enable block advertisements. You can go there and notice yourself how much each advertisement category is paying you. This will display you different advertisements category that are displaying on your site. If you discover that any advertisement category is not paying a lot then feel free to block that category.


Your blogs are study from various platforms such as laptop, desktop, mobile and so on. However CPC is usually not much impacted by the platforms on which advertisements are displayed but you need to attempt your best to focus on as lots of as readers. You’ll get most of the visitors from desktop as well as laptop devices.


The most crucial element that can enhance CPC is the country you’re focusing on. For instance a click on an advertisement from United States Of America can pay you up to $3 to $4 and press on same advertisement from India can end up paying just 20 to 30 cents.

Text and Image Format

Perhaps I need to have described this tip in the starting of the blog. Anyhow, you should understand to select correct format for your advertisement. If you can place 3 advertisements on a page then select two 336 X 280 advertisements and one 468 X 60 advertisement.

Keep Experimenting

In summary I will only state if you follow and apply these guidelines then you can definitely enhance your AdSense income from 30% to 40%. It’s totally legal as well as authentic method to enhance your earning in small time. You can also browse for highest CPC AdSense Keywords as well as gather one two posts around it.

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