What Is Google AMP And Its Importance

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) can create your WordPress (WP) site load quicker on smart phones, resulting in a very good user knowledge, enhanced visitors and enhanced search rankings. This post shows how you can make AMP in WordPress.


What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

Google AMP is an open source effort backed by trusted tech organizations such as Google, Reddit, LinkedIn,Twitter and so on. The objective of AMP is to create site pages load quicker for mobile phone users. Even with many performance steps taken to enhance site speed, lots of content rich webpages still end up taking some seconds to load.

AMP Pages use very little HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE and short JavaScript by creating the information to host on Google Accelerated Mobile Pages cache. With that, when users browse for anything on Google Search and notice your webpage then Google will provide AMP cached version of your webpage. These are alike to Facebook immediate articles but with difference that any unlisted user can study them and can be reached from any internet browser on a mobile.

Simply because AMP makes use of a limited set of HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE, CASCADING STYLE SHEET, and JavaScript; you can’t include extra features or widgets in your AMP Mobile Pages. Also, AMP helps only Google Analytics and not some other analytics platform. Same goes for promoting platform which is limited to Google.

Making AMP Pages In WP

It is very simple to make AMP pages in WordPress. Initially, install after that activate AMP plugin. Then, go to Appearance >> AMP page to notice how your web pages will appear on mobile phone.
You can alter Header back ground and text color on the mobile page. The header back ground color you select will also be utilized for the link. The plugin can also assist you to include logo or icons if your theme allows it. After creating needed modifications, click on the Save button.

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To see the source-code of your AMP webpage, press “CTRL + U”. The AMP code will appear.

Customizing Of AMP

The Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin for WP comes with a few basic customization options, which can be enhanced by installing a few WordPress plugins. You can include entities like related posts, social media icons, footer widgets and more to your AMP pages.
If you’re utilizing the well-known Yoast SEO Plugin than you can utilize Glue for Yoast SEO as well as AMP plugin for customization of AMP Pages. Once installation of plugin is finish, go to Yoast SEO and then click on AMP.

Press on Design tab to alter AMP icon, add additional CSS, default image and further code in tag. You can even include Google Analytics Id on Analytics Tab. After all the modifications have been complete, press on the Save button.

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