What is Reseller Hosting

It is a type of web hosting where the account holder can use his allocated space in hard drive and bandwidth for hosting websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host’s services wholesale and directly sells them to customer rather consuming itself as reseller is one who purchases the commodity in order to sell them to its consumer rather by himself for the purpose of earning profit.



It is the fantasy of some of the folks to establish their business. While some other people think that reseller is an individual who offers stable website work, who assists to fix the network and who offers hosting at nominal price. Such reseller can offer below standard configuration which is a tough task to ask big company for. Reseller hosting is somewhat difficult task and it does not demand much income. Anyone can establish the hosting business by opening reseller’s account at a server owner or at a big hosting company. Money spent on primary account can be returned back and some of the extra money can also be earned by making some efforts.

The income will generate only when clients will participate buying hosting. After when the clients will gradually increase, then you have to by more disk space from a big hosting company .These big hosting company also a reseller too but it is much wider than you.

There is also a problem of money. As when reseller gets it, it can spend in wherever he wants to spend. But after some time there is no money to pay to the owner of server. If it is a simple HTML site then you can, it will be an easy task to rebuild it. But if this is a dynamic site and no backup had been taken for 3 or 4 weeks then it can cause a loss. Even if you know what server your site was on, you will not be given any base back as for a hosting company you are nothing for them.

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Reseller hosting does not need large-scale knowledge of web hosting. The data center operator is accountable for maintaining hardware and network infrastructure and the owner arranges, secures and updates the server. A reseller is accountable for communicating with his own customer base. But the problem occurring on hardware and software is requested forward to the service provider from whom the reseller plan was purchases like form hostgator. A profitable company reseller usually indulges in large scale advertising tactics to get customers. The fees with major hosts are of nominal amount monthly. It is less profitable business and reseller must spend their amount mainly on advertising budgets to compete with competitors. Reseller hosting is the largest online business and everyone wants to work online and established websites.


This Video will briefly explain Reseller Hosting.


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